Fendi, the 92-year-old luxury fashion house has garnered attention throughout the world for its flamboyant yet chic design, both in garments and accessories. Fendi has maintained the colorful and fun aesthetics throughout its product offerings. Since the brand wishes to expand its reach, it will re-introduce fragrances along with the launch of its beauty line. Fendi will be introducing fragrances, lipsticks and glosses, nail lacquers, and eyeshadows this spring season. is product o ring will help attract new customers as well as act as a bridge line for aspiring customers.

With digital media ornamenting the advertising industry, the aim of the brand Fendi is to formulate a distinctive “Integrated Marketing Communication Plan” to ensure a wide reach of its new product launch. e plan should also promote Fendi’s key product, the two in one Lipstick + Fragrance, called Duo Essenziale.

To formulate a perfect marketing synergy and launch a successful campaign for Fendi’s product launch, we have undertaken both primary and secondary research. Our analysis comprises of qual- itative and quantitative research into the Fendi customers, as well as the targeted cosmetic market. We have created sample advertisements for digital, print and out of home advertisings.






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